Multiband has been a driving force throughout the years. We have worked hard to build a solid reputation, connect our clients with the latest and best in technological advances to keep them ahead of their own competition, continually proving that we truly are Driven By Performance.

Read on for some highlights of our most recent projects.

Rite Aid – Beverly Hills
Rite Aid hired Multiband’s Digital Media Team to design and install a 16-screen video wall for their Beverly Hills location. Rite Aid and Multiband’s Sales Engineers designed a Mac-based content solution for an 8 wide x 2 screen high LED TVs, so much so that the wall seems to come to life right in the middle of Beverly Hills. All electronics, equipment, services, and designated network installation were provided by the Multiband.

JFK, LAX, PHX, and Honolulu Airports
Airports are a high traffic captive audience that Multiband has been able to help various clients reach and “wow.” From diners, sports bars, cosmetic counters, and various restaurant concept stores, Multiband has creatively acquired the resources to assist in the opening of countless new business ventures across airports nationwide. Touch panel POS calibrations, TVs, Audio, network, and interactive displays have been introduced into this market as a necessity to keep pace with the more recent and ever advancing demand in business travel and airport accommodations.

Candlestick Park – San Francisco, CA
Multiband completed the installation of over 150 digital signage displays throughout the concession areas and concourses. Displays were used as digital menu boards and informational displays to keep fans informed and engaged while away from the action. Due to timing considerations, this installation was required to be completed in 5 business days. Multiband provided the on-site technical resources to complete this installation on time and on budget.

Estee Lauder – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Since late 2013, the Digital Media Department has been configuring, installing, and servicing Bobbi Brown Cosmetic counter and studio displays all over the country. Various examples of the work can be seen in the single, video wall, and touch displays at Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and other nationwide department stores, including 6 locations within Hawaii and Canada. Mr. Lauder himself visited the revamped State Street location in Chicago, IL in 2014.

Penn State – Pegula Ice Arena
Penn State’s Pegula Ice Arena opened in October 2013 as the team hosted the Army in a hockey game. With a large $100 million donation, the ice arena was completely outfitted with state of art features including digital signage from Multiband. Dozens of single screens along with a 12 screen video wall were installed for the 6,000 spectators to enjoy. This was the largest renovation and architectural creation in the university’s history.

WaWa Inc.
400 WaWa convenience stores were installed with new audio enabled media players in 2013. Multiband coordinated the shipment, delivery, scheduling, installation, and testing of every site along the eastern US.

Time Warner Cable Arena – Charlotte, NC
Multiband provided installation of 72 displays to be used as digital menu boards throughout this NBA facility. This installation was complex in nature due to the scheduling and relation to the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Multiband worked with the client to ensure that the installation was completed with no impact to the other events taking place at the facility.

Context Media, Inc.
Anywhere from 200-700 physician’s clinics are visited every month by the Digital Media field services technicians at Multiband. The relationship between Multiband and Context Media has been longstanding, and each week they continue to provide digital signage displays to clinics and medical offices across the country. A variety of tasks are completed, including installation of the screens, mounts, configuration of content, and/or USB delivery of content.

Bebe Stores, Inc.
Bebe is a nationwide women’s clothing retail brand focused on using high-end, technically advanced equipment for their offices and stores. Clients and projects such as these require a finesse, expertise, and technical support that’s never been required before. Luxury and Designer Brand clients such as Bebe have been consistently raising the digital media bar in regards to the sophistication and precision in execution among almost any industry.

7-Eleven – Manhattan, NY
Multiband provided an in-store technology package including digital menu boards and promotional displays for the complete rebranding of a 7-Eleven store. The new concept included a made to order sandwich station as well an overall makeover of the stores aesthetics with digital signage as a major component in the design. Multiband consulted on the solution, procured, programmed, kitted, and installed all of the equipment.

Crowne Plaza Hotel – MSP/Mall of America
The Lodging and Institutions Division of Digital Media updated the screens and head-end system at the Crowne Plaza Hotel outside of the International MSP Airport in Minneapolis, MN. 46 new screens, FMA and entire dispersion system were replaced and updated to better accommodate the establishment and its visitors.

Palace at Auburn Hills – Auburn Hills, MI
Multiband installed 144 displays for digital signage as menu boards at concession stands and throughout concourse areas. These displays provided a much needed amenity upgrade for the facility; Multiband was able to provide the on-site technical resources to complete this installation on time and on budget.

Page Last Updated: May 2014