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As a Microsoft Partner, Multiband is developing leading-edge enterprise solutions using Microsoft development tools and technologies like the Microsoft .NET Framework. At Multiband, we have a knowledgeable programming team who design, write, build, test and deploy value-added applications for order maintenance, billing, invoicing and field communication.

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MEVO (Marketing Evolution) is a comprehensive communication-tracking and activity-scheduling tool created exclusively for Multiple Dwelling Unit Management. MEVO provides companies with the tools and information they need to manage day-to-day marketing operations and maximize efficiency. From logical-scheduling based on permissions, to calculating forecasting on your portfolio, this system keeps you organized and focused on what matters most; creating relationships and increasing penetration without breaking the bank.

Property Management
For MEVO, the details are in the demographics. That's why MEVO provides an interface to manage all of this data. From property demographics, to property contacts and marketing permissions, it is an all-in-one interface giving the capabilities to update on the click of a button.

Forecasting Management
You are now able to see your properties' penetration in advance, based on your committed marketing plan. MEVO ranks all marketing penetration values based on industry calculations. With this, you have the ability to see trending based on your marketing plan. From there, you can decide if you need to elevate your marketing efforts or keep them as they are. MEVO lays penetration with forecasting in a graph, so you can see if you are in line with your marketing plan. Finally, it can tie your marketing forecast to final subscribers so you can apply a number to activations and see a forecasted profitability. Forecasting does take time, demographics and churn in consideration.

Bulk Messaging
Ever want to send out emails to all of the important people at your properties to keep them up to speed on changing events? Not a problem. Contact Management tracks emails. Simply compose your message, select the types of properties to receive the message, and off it goes.

Materials Tracking
Materials cost money, but with MEVO there is a built-in tracking system allowing you to see which materials are working and which ones are not. This enables you to focus your efforts on effective campaigning. You can also run a report to see your marketing schedules, eliminating the guesswork and showing you exactly what your profile needs from a marketing perspective.

Contact Management
As property management changes, it is sometimes impossible to remember a property's current staff. With Contact Management, you can document all active staff members. You can also tag them to know if you should be communicating with them each month. If they are tagged 'yes,' the system will remind you every month. Have an escalation?

Scheduling Management
Every property should have a business/marketing plan. The problem is how to manage them all while maintaining focus on the important details. With Scheduling Management, you can simultaneously manage unlimited business plans; reminders, updates, detailed results and reporting, all at the click of a button.

Property Permissions
MEVO doesn't just take your word for it. MEVO manages all business plans based on permissions, this way you are assured that the correct resources are applied to the correct properties at all times.

Logistic/Marketing Requests
While communicating with your properties and property management staff, if any requests do come up, a simple form is filled out, and that form is instantly sent to the tagged logistics manager for fulfillment. It is also tagged in 'Escalated Contacts'.

Bulk Scheduling
Holding a marketing activity across your portfolio? With a simple form filled out, you can add that activity to some or all of your properties, saving you time.

Email Distribution
These days, the quicker you can communicate the better. MEVO allows you to email directly from the program to any contacts within Contact Management.

Escalated Contacts
While communicating with your property and property management staff, if there are any requests or issues, they are marked and instantly displayed in 'Escalated Contacts'. That way, any issues or requests can be resolved promptly. From there, management will close out the escalated items.

Bulletin Board
This is a way to communicate within the program to your sales representatives, ensuring the proper message is broadcasted at the correct time. This manages messages by date and by property type.

Report Generation
Create and run reports on specific criteria to fit your needs.

Complete Logging
All user activity is logged within MEVO.

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To maintain quality customer service, MBeM integrates call center tracking to keep the client informed of all incoming activity from their customers. MBeM is especially geared towards managing multiple dwelling units (MDUs). For assistance in managing your mobile work force, MBeM offers electronic interfaces to equipment in the field. MBeM also incorporates a robust reporting service using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

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CORE is a multifunctional interface that assists contracted companies. CORE maximizes technician bases and their resources so they can run a successful and profitable business. CORE tracks and reports information in several key areas and provides a process that contractors can use to analyze their efficiency methods. For a nominal fee, CORE adds an advanced level of tools for contractors to manage the details of their business.

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