• Multiband Corporate Headquarters

    Minnetonka, MN
  • Digital Media

    Multiband specializes in the deployment and service of digital signage networks, commercial audio/video systems, hospitality IPTV, and VOD systems throughout North America.

, a Goodman Networks Company, is a driven leader in a competitive service and technology industry engaging with a vast and growing array of technologies including, residential solutions, commercial audio/video solutions, hospitality solutions and digital media solutions.

Multiband, via its subsidiaries, maintains DIRECTV's installations, service and upgrades for residents of single-family homes in over 20 states as well as commercial installations nationwide. Additionally, Multiband, via its subsidiaries, also supplies satellite Internet solutions for homes and businesses across the nation. As one of the largest full-service home service providers (HSPs), Multiband is a solid service solution in the television service industry.

Multiband, based on the slogan: Driven By Performance, focuses on providing world-class customer service and the highest level of performance for all of our clients and customers, from multinational corporations to individual families. Multiband is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and has offices strategically placed around the continental United States.

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