Low-Voltage Systems Services

Our experienced teams have years of expertise in finding, implementing, installing, and service the best solution for your low-voltage, audio/video needs. Our field teams have worked in a variety of commercial settings across the United States - and our track record for success makes us your best choice for low voltage installation needs.

Our field team is at the forefront of the latest wireless technology, ensuring we are able to suggest and complete a solution best suited to your individual business's needs. We have a history of success in guiding business from the beginning of the project through the end.

Prior to making any recommendations, we focus on engaging in a detail discovery process with each individual client, ensuring we understand your vision entirely so that we can make an end product that meets your unique needs.

Multiband can design and specify a system tailored to your business. Pricing, design drawings, and a bill of materials will be provided to you so that you have all of the information required to make the right decision for your company at the right price.

We can find the right products to fit the needs for your specific project - and we supply equipment from any company and vendor, making it so that the products used in your end project are truly tailored to meet your needs.

Our Field Service experts have the experience and proven capability to install audio-video options in commercial buildings, and our unique nationwide Training program is our backbone for success, prepping our technicians with information specific to the product, setting them up with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful.