Internet Services

We provide a variety of solutions for Internet capability - with experience in installing internet service in residential homes across the United States and expertise in finding and implementing the best solution for creating a Wi-Fi friendly environmental within a commercial facility.


Our team of Field Service experts have the experience and proven capability to install Internet options into residential homes. Our unique, nationwide Training program has the ability to prep our Technicians with individualized information specific to the product and set them up with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in the field.

Current Customer

Partnering with Exede, Multiband currently completes installs, working with a variety of customers in 24 states across the nation. We consistently maintain Customer Satisfaction scores above 95%, and our Technicians have visibility to live dashboards, showing them their current numbers, to ensure we consistently meet and exceed our customer's expectations. Click here to learn more about our Installation capabilities.

Wireless Installation Capabilities

Businesses can now get personalized Wi-Fi solutions installed - and Multiband ensures that the installation and products chosen will provide the best solution for consistent internet coverage for both our client and our client's customers.