Field Sales Capabilities

Our dedicated sales team, coupled with nearly 3,000 Technicians who interact with customers and potential customers on a daily basis, assists our clients with marketing and customer acquisition of their products and services.

Multiband has a dynamic team of individuals within each department to ensure that our clients' needs are being met.

Our team of trained and passionate sales personnel learn the ins and outs of each individual product and service we offer, tailoring their pitch toward your business and customers.

Multiband has its own in-house Marketing team available to manipulate your current materials, following each specific company's stringent approval process and branding policies, or create materials for our own Sales team to utilize.

Outfitted with Trainers at each location across the United States, Multiband's extensive Training team has the capability and experience necessary to bring on a new product or service and equip our Sales team with the tools needed for any change, whether it's an updated product or entirely new service being offered.

We say it in our slogan, and we mean it - Multiband is truly Driven By Performance. With constant metrics reflecting the company's goals, customer satisfaction scores, and more, all of our employees have visibility of their expectations and where they're falling, both individually and as a team, to help meet the goal.